Engineering being a rare skill that involves much of problem solving elements is associated with young vibrant minds found at CaptainTeknics that can vizualize technical problem through identification, isolation, product design and prototyping and eventual product development. With existing systems, there is analysis and necessary upgrades to cater for needs that arise.

All our Engineering products

Electrical Installation and Wiring

We engage tech savvy and passionate technicians and engineers to have your electrical installation service perfectly and timely done. View the product to find out more.

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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is the use of computers and set of information to handle different processes in machinery in industries to promote efficiency. View the product to find out more.

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Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality

We are pioneers in augmented reality and AR smart glasses in kenya and Africa. We help both individuals and corporates take full advantage of remote process monitoring using smart devices such as vuzix blade. We have have industry linkages to smart glasses companies such as:

  1. Vuzix Technology
  2. Vsight Remote Help Technology
  3. DXC AR and VR wearables Technology

We are the onestop shop for smart glasses shopping in in Nairobi, Africa. We design,develop and implement industry specific AR software applications. We have extensive expertise in AR/ VR wearable technology for the intertainment industry in Nairobi.

Augmented Reality Usecases

  • Smart Glasses for Remote working
  • AR smart Glasses for Tele-Medicine
  • Smart Glasses for Remote Assist Solutions
  • AR Glasses for Manufacturing automation and process monitoring
  • BlackRhinoVR - Virtual Reality production
  • AR smart Glasses for Warehousing solutions
  • Smart Glasses and Head tracking technology for manufacturing and precision engineering

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Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards being the design and production of specific circuit boards that serve certain purposes in machine or computer systems. View the product to find out more.

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Consumer Electronics-Home Equipments

Looking for an home electronics shopping consultancy services or technician? here you are. View the product to find out more.

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